Thursday, December 07, 2006

Now why am I here...

I haven't spoken on this to Ramsu, but I got an invite, and now I'm here. Some people, like me, feel compelled to say something.

I don't know what I'll say here. Maybe I'll say something about the (perceived) fact that Abhishek Bacchan would lose his power if he shaves or takes a bath (please plot unshaven movies like Sarkar or even Refugee against shaven movies like ...what? you don't even remember? Om Jai Jagadeesh...eesh!). Maybe I'll go on to say less is more in his case, and the more understated he gets in his acting and dancing and romancing, the more the beard obscures his face, the more he covers up - like maybe wear a burqua in the next movie, the better he'll become.

Or maybe I'll wander on to topics like does Rakhi Sawant need an asset management company, does Shakti Kapoor need 'professional' help, was toneless singing the origin of Rap and so on. Maybe I'll also put down a few words on how for everyone, leaving on the right note is a desire but that does not really happen everytime (remember Aaj Ka Arjun / Jadugar / Toofan / Lal Badshah / (Ramsu will kill me for not mentioning this) Ajooba)? Maybe maybe...

For now, I just meant I'll write about anything when I feel like saying it, treat it like a disclaimer if you will.

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